Family Law 
David A. Penn & Co. Incorporated will strongly advocate for its Clients in the highly dynamic and critically important area of Family Law, which deals with family related issues and domestic relations; with a very strong emphasis on reconciliation and the preservation of the marriage, the family and the home.  This will be done in consultation with Professional and  Experienced, Family and Personal Development Counselors.  ​

Trusts and Estate Planning 
David A. Penn & Co. Incorporated will provide Trusts & Estate Planning services to its Clients - Individuals, Corporate Entities, Small Business Owners and Private Investors seeking to take advantage of the investment opportunities and statutory vehicles available in the British Virgin Islands.

In addition to the drafting of wills and the probate of estates, we will also advise on the available corporate structures within the jurisdiction for effective estate management. We will offer our Clients expert professional advice on:
Probate & Estate Administration
Estate Planning & Wealth Management, and

Alternative Dispute Resolution - MEDIATION SERVICES
Mediation has become one of the most important alternatives in the dispute resolution process and accordingly we here at David A. Penn & Co. Incorporated promote the effective use of alternate dispute resolution methods (ADR): Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation, with a strong emphasis on Mediation. These Law Offices recognize that settling a dispute outside of court may be the best option for some litigants or parties to certain types of disputes (for example family matters), and for a variety of reasons, including continuing good relations .

Civil Litigation 
The due representation of Clients in all manner of civil proceedings before a competent and duly authorized Court or tribunal. These matters may include: Constitutional Law matters
Administrative Law matters
Trespass to the person (Assault and Battery)
Trespass to property
Habeas Corpus applications
Bail matters
Road Traffic matters
Labour & Employment Law 
These Law Offices will provide legal services in the area of Labour and Employment relations Law:
Employer/Employee Disputes
Unfair Dismissal matters
Wrongful Dismissal matters
Pensions and Employee welfare benefit schemes matters.

David A. Penn & Co. Incorporated


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Real Property
David A. Penn & Co. Incorporated offers a full range of real property legal services for both individuals and corporate Clients including the preparation of conveyances, mortgages and leases.  We represent developers; investors; borrowers involved in the sale, purchase or rental of commercial and residential properties, including office buildings and subdivisions; as well as individuals negotiating the purchase or construct their first home.  Our services will be tailored to meet our Clients varying needs and to provide a range of innovative legal services to these ends.  

LEGAL AID/Pro Bono Assistance

In our growing commitment to our community and the society in which we operate, these Law Offices consider Legal Aid to be rendering legal assistance to individuals who may have a strong and viable legal position, but who may not have the financial means required to prosecute the matter. 

Accordingly these Law Offices will provide Legal Aid or Pro Bono assistance to persons accused of  Criminal Offences or Tortious Liability; persons involved in Contractual Disputes or  Employment Disputes; and matters of Constitutional importance or matters relating to Administrative Law. 

Criminal Law

The representation of individuals accused of offences against the Criminal Code of the Laws of the British Virgin Islands and other acts constituting criminal offences under other applicable laws in the Territory.

Protections guaranteed by law

One is entitled to the protection of one's Constitutional rights and guarantees. The right to protections against self incrimination.  Preservation of the right to a fair and speedy trial.  Protection of the right not to be deprived of one’s freedom, except by due process of the law and by order of a competent Court. The preservation of the right of being presumed innocent until proven guilty by due process of law.  Preservation of the right to face one’s accusers and to be across examine them.