Among the objectives of David A. Penn & Co. Incorporated are the provision of legal services in various areas of law, ranging from Criminal Law, Civil Litigation, Negotiations, Mediation, Company Law, Employment Law, Financial Services, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Probate Law, Land Law and all such other legal services that are within the knowledge and expertise of the respective Barristers, Solicitors, Associates and Consultants of these Law Offices. We believe that individuals and corporations will seek the representation of David A. Penn & Co. Incorporated because of our commitment to representing the best interest of our Clients and because of our commitment to fidelity, honest and the highest standard of integrity to which we will hold our Barristers and Solicitors. The main objectives, which these Law Offices hope to achieve in time, are to provide exceptional and proficient legal services in a timely and cost-efficient manner. David A. Penn & Co. Incorporated is also committed to providing not only a wide variety of legal services to our paying Clients, but also to provide legal services on a pro bono basis to those who cannot afford the legal fees, and to become one of the top ranking professional law practices in the British Virgin Islands.

Vision Statement
To establish a legacy of honesty and integrity in the Legal Profession in the British Virgin Islands, where Clients can have an abiding confidence in their legal representatives and where justice and honour are the head corner stones of the practice of these Law Offices; to further contribute towards the realization of a society where obligations are honoured and responsibilities are not lightly shunned.

Mission Statement

To establish a 21st Century Law Practice which meets the growing and changing needs of our Clients in a constantly growing and fast changing world; the establishment of a law practice that is renowned for service and not for money, for the promotion of Clients' interests and not the interest of these Offices or its practitioners.

David A. Penn & Co. Incorporated


P.O. Box 391

Road Town, Tortola VG1110

British Virgin Islands

Tel: (284) 495-0106     Fax: (284) 495-0146

E-mail: davidapenn@pennlawbvi.com     Website: www.pennlawbvi.com